About our company

Alibeg d.o.o. Sarajevo is the first and the only registered manufacturer and retailer of professional grade bird deterrents in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Established in 2011, we are the only manufacturer of Bird Spikes in the region, and even though we are relatively young company, our brand has already became synonim for efficiant and proffesional bird control. Bird spikes are considered to be the most effective bird deterrent worldwide. Our products are manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we have ensured that they meet the highest standard of quality in the industry of bird control.


Since 2012, we are also general agents of the leading brand of bird control worldvide, company Bird-X from Chicago, and you can find all products of this renowned manufacturer in our assortment.


All our products are safe, humane and above all eniveromentaly sound solutions for bird control and they are result of longterm research and testing. All products are completely harmless to birds, they don't harm them in any way, just prevent them from landing or roosting in unwanted areas.


Thanks to our continuous manufacturing and cooperation with our partners, in our quotation you can certainly find solution for any kind of problem regarding bird control that you might have.


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Alibeg d.o.o. is the first and only company registered in BiH, which is engaged in producing and selling professional solutions for bird control.