Why protection from birds?

Inventory Damage

Bird droppings are highly acidic and can eat through paint, building materials and fabrics. This is a motivating factor for getting rid of birds because their droppings can corrode steel, brick and concrete and will stain surfaces if left unattended. The longer bird droppings are left on a surface, the more damage it will cause.   Buildings inventory damage  


Health Risk

Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials can carry 60 different diseases and ectoparasites that can be passed to humans and animals. If dried bird droppings are found near ventilation systems, they can travel through buildings potentially infecting inhabitants with compromised immune systems.   Pests health risk  


Clogged Drains

Droppings and nesting materials regularly clog drains and gutters. This can cause other problems on roofs and other areas by damming water and creating the potential of flooding.   Clogged drains caused bz bird dropping  


Poor Image

Bird droppings and nests are an unattractive feature for homes and businesses. Birds on a ledge or sign, or droppings covering a sidewalk may send a message to visitors that the business is careless.   Poor image caused by bird droppings  


Cost of Cleanup

Businesses that clean up after birds on a daily or weekly basis are wasting money and exposing employees to health risks. Some businesses spend thousands of dollars each year on the regular cleanup of bird droppings. Installing bird control products can save businesses time and money.   Cost of cleanup caused by bird droppings  


On the question why protection from birds this is our answer: because of inventory damage, health risks, clogged drains, poor image and cost of cleanup.