Kategorija proizvoda: Ultrasonic devices

  • Balcony Guard

    Kategorija proizvoda: Balcony Guard

    This low-profile electronic bird control device uses quiet ultrasonic sounds to repel annoying birds from small outdoor areas around the home.

  • Ultrason X

    Kategorija proizvoda: Ultrason X

    Ultrason X is a high-quality ultrasonic bird repellent system. It is the world’s first ultrasonic repeller specifically designed for year-round use in semi-enclosed outdoor areas. Ultrasound is nearly silent to humans, so you can effectively get rid of birds while maintaining a comfortable environment for customers and employees.

  • QuadBlaster QB-4

    Kategorija proizvoda: QuadBlaster QB-4

    BEST SELLING ultrasonic bird repeller gets rid of bird infestations with a "Silent to Humans" audio attack.

  • BroadBand PRO

    Kategorija proizvoda: BroadBand PRO

    The BroadBand PRO combines sonic and ultrasonic audio to get rid of pest birds with a comprehensive, multi-faceted audio attack. The sounds confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds, keeping them away.