Proizvod: Four-rows Bird Spikes

Jednostavna i iznimno učinkovita metoda za kontrolu ptica, ALIBEG igličasta zaštita od ptica predstavlja najefikasnije rješenje za zaštitu svih dijelova poslovnih i stambenih jedinica od neželjenog slijetanja i zadržavanja ptica.

Proizvod: Four-rows Bird Spikes
Četveroredna igličasta zaštita (ZOP 1803)
Četveroredna igličasta zaštita (ZOP 1803)

Simple but highly efficiant method for bird control, Alibeg Bird Spikes,are the most efficiant solution for preventing birds from landing or roosting in unwanted areas.


- 100% effective everywhere they are installed –repel birds 24/7.
- Permanent solution for bird control.
- Flexible base –allows for installation on curved surfaces.
- One-time solution –no maintenance required.
- Completely harmless to birds.
Alibeg Bird Spikes are made of high quality flexible polycarbonate plastic and special inox spikes. Base Width is 0,86", and lenght 20". Top height is 4,3".

Number od spikes varies depending on the type of spike from 16 to 32.

Alibeg Bird Spikes are 100% effective solution. It represent physical barrier that permanently solves any problem with unwanted bird landing or roosting.

Maintanance is not required. Material won’t corrode or decay –spikes can last a lifetime!.

Warranty for all bird spikes is 5 years.

All sizes are liable to change in accordance to specific needs of the customer.
Repels all kind of birds. Its flexible base allows instalaton even on curved surfaces.

Perfect solution for:

- rooftops &ledges
- building edges
- windowsills, louvers &eaves
- support structures, beams &rafters
- chimneys &air conditioners
- signs &billboards
- Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs.
- Protect rooftops, walls, equipment and vehicles from corrosive bird droppings.
- Reduce health and liability risks associated with pest bird infestation.
- Prevent the spread of diseases such as West Nile, Salmonella, and E. Coli.
- Increase/maintain property aesthetics.
If installed properly, spikes can last a lifetime!